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Ruel Smith is a Visual Effects Supervisor with extensive experience in CG Animation. During his 20 years in the industry, as an artist he has worked on notable titles such as: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Jungle Book, DareDevil TV Show, Tron: Legacy Game, Gears of War 4 and more. As a VFX Supervisor, brands include: Nike, Disney, Apple, Oakley, Best Buy, Whoop, Honda, Toyota & more.


In various roles as an Artist, VFX Supervisor and former Head of VFX, he has gained experience in: Guiding creative from concept to delivery - Leadership - Team building - Client relations and solving complex problems. Additional experiences include; On-Set Supervision as well as assisting Post Producers with Creative-Budget-Schedule assessments and breakdowns


In closing. In his spare time, Ruel has a deep passion for travel, films, photography & TACOS!

Resume (pdf)




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