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An Alpha Wars Story
We are proud to share with you the NEWLY RELEASED trailer to our proof-of-concept Sci-Fi short ANGEL PRIME: An Alpha Wars Story

More info to come!
Film Info:


A war wages between the Kilrathi and The Coalition on planet Aries; humanity’s first distant colony.

The Coalition Captain and her two lieutenants are stuck behind enemy lines as Kilrathi drones hunt them down. The Captain is faced with a tough decision. End the life of an unstable soldier on the brink of alerting the enemy or talk him down and get everyone to safety.


Starring: Kennedy C. Hall, Zhan Wang, Andrew Garrett


Director: Ruel Smith

Story & Screenwriter: Christopher Norpchen

Producer: Emily Beach

Executive Producers: Kenan Jerome Floyd, Clemente Gomez, Ruel Smith, Christopher Norpchen

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Cast & Crew:

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